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Adult Primary Care Physicians of Greater Gwinnett, Kenneth Sobel MD, Mark Cheek MD, Jane Rawlings, David Slotin

We are pleased to introduce "My Health Portfolio" as a new tool that will change the way you communicate with us. From "My Health Portfolio," a new link on our website, you can now complete many tasks without ever placing a phone call to us-at the click of a mouse, 24-hours a day.

"My Health Portfolio" provides you:

  Access to information contained in your medical record

You can track changes in vital signs, view lab results, and verify the dates (and diagnoses) of recent office visits.

  A secure way to communicate with our staff

Using web messages, complete any of these tasks safely and securely:

  • Send messages to (and receive from) our clinical staff*
  • Request an appointment;
  • Request a prescription refill;
  • Report changes in your demographic and/or insurance information.

(*My Health Portfolio should NEVER be used to communicate with us in an emergency. In the event of an emergency, please dial 911)

"My Health Portfolio" provides patients with an easy-to-use, convenient and secure way to communicate with us. This service is available to our established patients and requires access to the Internet. To access My Health Portfolio, you must register either in person at our office. (A secure login name and password will be assigned to you.)

Click here to access My Portfolio. My Health Portfolio is currently compatible with Internet Explorer. Other web browsers such as Netscape or Mozilla Firefox will not work.

For more information, ask any member of our staff.

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